NLMUSD needs a teacher on school board.

Narcis Brasov is bringing attention to the issues that must be addressed within our school system.

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A Teacher for School Board

Just like a hospital needs a doctor on the board, a school district needs a teacher on the board. Narcis Brasov understands how District policies and budgets work themselves out in the classroom. Narcis Brasov will bring extensive classroom experience to the NLMUSD School Board. He will not rubber-stamp proposed curriculum, policies, and budgets; rather, he will consider them as a teacher who knows how district decisions affect students and teachers.

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STEM Education K-8 for Better Career Opportunities

Many students are coming to high school science and math classes underprepared. Elementary and Middle School teachers need more resources to train students in science, technology, engineering and math, including basic lab equipment. I will advocate for a renewed STEM focus in the lower grades, with increased funding set aside for this purpose. When students are set up for success in high school math and science, they gain confidence and expand their college and career opportunities.

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Excellence in Education

It’s no secret that NLMUSD is losing students. High home prices make it difficult for new families to establish themselves in Norwalk and La Mirada. Moreover, many families choose to take their children to surrounding districts. The solution is to make our own District a better alternative, and to communicate our successes to the community. We need to expand academic opportunities: to bring back honors classes, and have more Spanish-English dual immersion programs. We must expect more from our students, not less. With proper support, our students are more than capable of meeting high expectations.

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Support for Students, Teachers, and Staff

After a year of distance learning, the educational experience of many families has been hit-or-miss. With the return of in-person classes this fall, our students will need extra tutoring and support to catch up. That means our teachers will need funding for supplementary materials to help students succeed at grade level. Likewise, our classified staff will need professional development more opportunities to participate in decisions that affect them. The District must commit to adequate staffing, especially of substitute health service providers and custodians.

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Accountability and Transparency

Narcis Brasov will not rubberstamp proposed policies and budgets, but will consider them in light of how they affect students, families, teachers and classified staff. He will keep the district accountable with deeper questions, expecting thorough answers. Narcis Brasov will pursue transparency and accountability in our school district.

Narcis would appreciate your support.